Unearthly Love.

How about getting drunk tonight,

Till the harsh reality gets out of sight?

As your fingers touch my skin,

I ask myself is this not a sin?

Has a magical spell been cast,

Which is why these moments are passing so fast?

For once, can’t time just cease?

To let your warm breath make my heart freeze.

Can you see these scars, so deep and blue?

Each one of these, waits to be healed by you.

Look here, into my bleeding eyes,

This is the result of me trying to silent my cries.

No, do not break this glance,

I do not know if I’ll ever get a chance.

Let me be lost in this moment with you,

For how I have waited for ages, you do not have a clue.

As the poison plays its role,

Memories of unrequited love flinch my soul.

Before my body turns pale and blue,

Make my last wish come true.

Hold me tight as I breathe my last, Hear me love, for I repeat my words fast.

In all the lives to come,

Except this one where my breaths are drawing a line;

I promise that I’ll be yours, and you’ll be mine.

© Naina khare.
Picture credits-loveandloveonly143.blogspot.in


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