Movie review – Dear zindagi.

I do not get convinced easily, and I do not find anything wrong in the fact that it takes something really out of the box to sweep me off my feets. I recently came across one such thing.

I was pretty positive about the movie –Dear zindagi, since the time it was announced. Shahrukh khan being one of the lead characters, acted as icing on the cake. 

In India the film released on 25th November, 2016. The film casts Shahrukh khan and Alia bhatt as the main leads. The two actors perfectly fit into the characters of Dr. Jehangir khan and kaira, respectively. 

It is a light, positive, soul-searching film. You may or may not love the film, but you will definitely relate to kaira’s character. We all have been in her shoes at some point of time. The film deals with our day-to-day life, and reassures the fact that at times, we are the cause of our own sufferings. Dear zindagi is a common, yet immensely beautiful journey of a girl who is gradually learning to deal with the tantrums that life throws at her. She is frustrated and depressed with her life, like most of us. Eventually, she finds a guide who uncomplicates her life

5 things Dear zindagi teaches us which we need to instill in our lives-

  • Mental illness, of any kind, is not something to be ashamed of. It’s high time that we behaved a little empathetically. Also, understand that people who consult psychiatrist are not necessarily mad.
  • It is okay, not to be okay. We need not act fine when we are not. It is necessary to vent out our emotions. There is nothing worse than partially lived moments. Happiness and sadness are phases, we cannot skip any of them. Cry till your tears dry, all by themselves
  • Learn to let go. To live our present, we have to be at peace with our past. Inhale your present, exhale your past.
  • There is no such thing as perfect relationship or a perfect person. You’ll run into many temporary people in your life. Having been in more than one failed- relationship, simply means that you are yet to find the love of your life.
  • You are stronger than you suppose. Don’t let the patterns of your life control you, break the patterns. Have enough courage to control your life, or else someone will sit on the driving seat and drive your life away.

The beauty of the film lies in its simplicity. If you’re up for some introspection, do watch this unconventional drama. 



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