Feminism. As soon as I utter this word, I can smell disgust and see those men rolling their eyes on me. And being a woman, as much as I want to be a part of this raging war, I cannot bring myself to fathom its utility. Equality is one thing. But superiority? In the garb of empowerment, we are fighting for superiority. And why feminism? Why not equality? Why do we have to be biased; inclined to a chosen section of the society? Only if we take a break from this knee jerk approach, and for once stop following the flock blindly, we will realise what we are doing. I do realise, that even today women are oppressed. They do not get their basic rights. And the worse is that they are made to believe that they are the weaker section. All this makes equality a necessity but not superiority. Feminism is no more about equality. It never was. It always reeked of privileges. What is it that you’re seeking? Why do ‘women’ deserve to be respected? People command respect, gender doesn’t. Women deserve to respected just as men do and just as any human does. Women are fighting to prove that they can do better than their male counterparts. And the truth is no where close to this. Because no, women cannot do better than men. Women can do things just as well as men can do. Wouldn’t world be a calmer place if we stop this war against each other and respect each other just as all humans deserve to be respected? In a world where female foeticide is unfortunately commonplace, where still girls are bereft of basic education. Where dowry is a custom(dare I question that), and marital rapes..oh! Sorry, did I just cross my limits? In a world where we are still not able to root out these fiendish acts that take place against women, we choose to distort the definition of feminism till it suits our comfort. Because yes, you can choose what do you want to do with your life. Because no, if you choose not to smoke, or if you cannot leave your house after 10p.m, do not play your oppression cards. You’re not supressed. Because no, the length of your skirt in no way defines your character but it does define your mentality if you do that just to prove that you are exercising your freedom. Because okay, show your skin if you want to. If that makes you confident and beautiful, do it. But you don’t need to do it to prove that you’re exercising your freedom. Equality is needed. Basic rights are needed. Feminism isn’t. There are many important issues worth fighting for. If you want to, fight against the vehement prohibitions and injustice that exist in the name of traditions. Fight because many girls didn’t get to see this world because of their gender. Fight for the girls who do not even know what your feminism is, because they are deprived of education. They need it. And believe me, they do not care if you choose to expose your bra strap or not.



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